Washington Residents Can Teach English Abroad With RVF International!

Embark on an extraordinary adventure of teaching English in beautiful Spain with RVF International! We specialize in turning your dreams into reality by offering an exhilarating opportunity to teach English abroad exclusively for Washington residents. Our mission is to empower you to become an exceptional English educator, opening doors to vibrant communities throughout Spain. Don’t miss out — join us today and embark on this thrilling journey that will transform your life!

Welcome to RVF International

Join forces with RVF International, a prestigious global education and exchange organization dedicated to building profound connections between English speakers and individuals in WA and worldwide. Embark on an incredible journey of teaching English in captivating regions of Spain that promises extraordinary encounters with diverse cultures, tantalizing cuisines, vibrant arts, and much more! Let your career flourish and unravel the depths of self-discovery as you immerse yourself in a tight-knit community, sharing the boundless benefits of the English language with eager learners. You can explore enchanting Spanish communities such as:

  • Andalucia
  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • Aragón
  • Asturias
  • Baleares Islands
  • Cantabria
  • Extremadura
  • Galicia
  • La Rioja
  • Murcia
  • The Basque Country
  • The Canary Islands
  • Castilla-La Mancha
  • Castilla y León

Are you ready to begin your overseas adventure? Reserve your complimentary video call today and set off on an incredible journey with RVF International. Our unique blend of passion and professionalism is the backbone of our team and empowers individuals, making a positive impact in their lives. Get started now!

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How to Teach English Abroad — Our Program Requirements

Must hold a passport from one of the following countries:

U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Must hold at least an associate's or bachelor’s degree

Please note that those applying from Australia and New Zealand must hold, or obtain before the program begins, a Bachelor’s Degree in order to be eligible to teach English internationally.

Must have an adventurous and independent spirit up for the experience of a lifetime

Teaching English abroad is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you enjoy it! Come in with a free spirit and relish the benefits of being an English teacher overseas!

No prior teaching experience is required!

Who Are Our Programs Ideal For?

Calling all Washington residents interested in teaching English in Spain! Our program is the perfect match for you. Whether you’re embarking on a new career as an ESL teacher or seeking real-world classroom experience, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to explore the captivating culture and beautiful climate of Spain — from the vibrant city of Madrid to the renowned Canary Islands. Boost your teaching skills, forge lifelong friendships, and enhance your resume by teaching English with RVF International in Spain!

Our programs are open to residents in Washington, across the USA, and many other countries. All you need is a valid passport, a copy of your college transcripts, and at least an Associate’s degree if you’re a graduate. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished college yet – you can still apply as long as you graduate before the program starts on October 1 (check the information above for more details).

How We'll Prepare Washington Residents to Teach English in Spain

As an educator, you will embark on a gratifying adventure of fostering a tight-knit community and immersing yourself in the enchanting marvels of diverse cities across the region. And with our comprehensive 120-hour TEFL certification program (flexible to fit your schedule), you will be well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes your way. Join our exceptional team at RVF International and witness the profound impact we make on the lives of residents along the west coast and around the world. You have the power to empower eager young minds, helping them connect with the world.

Why WA Residents Should Explore Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English as a second language in Spain offers many advantages for those seeking adventure and exploration in Washington. It enhances language proficiency and opens up a world of information, diverse cultures, and global job prospects. Take a closer look at the countless reasons why embarking on a journey with RVF International to teach English abroad is an enriching and fulfilling experience you won’t want to miss!

  • Improved Communication Skills – Considering the global nature of English, mastering the language empowers Spaniards to communicate seamlessly with individuals from diverse nations. Engaging in ESL courses fosters growth in both learners and instructors, enhancing their ability to express themselves fluently in spoken and written English. This proficiency amplifies their effectiveness in professional environments and opens doors to fruitful business ventures and meaningful connections worldwide.
  • Increased Job Opportunities – English is universally recognized as the lingua franca of the business and commerce realm. By acquiring English proficiency, Spaniards unlock a world of boundless job prospects in multinational corporations and effortlessly interact with global tourists. Furthermore, language instructors gain a distinctive and invaluable experience, augmenting their resumes and setting them apart from their peers.
  • Increased Educational Opportunities – The English language unlocks a wide selection of exciting prospects for individuals in Spain. Imagine the thrill of studying at a prestigious English-speaking university abroad, an opportunity only available to those with a strong command of English. Additionally, educators can enrich their educational journey by immersing themselves in Spanish customs, language, and community, thereby opening up a vibrant realm of Spanish-oriented educational programs that await their exploration.
  • Cultural Exchange – Discovering a new language is more than just practical — it’s an exploration of culture. Delving into the study of English unlocks fascinating chapters of its historical journey and the vibrant cultures it has enriched. It also clears the way for a better understanding of captivating literature, films, and music across English and Spanish-speaking nations. This invites learners and instructors to immerse themselves and embark on an arresting journey of engagement and enjoyment.

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Teaching English in Spanish communities offers an incredible and fulfilling adventure filled with cherished memories, meaningful connections, and unforgettable experiences that will shape your life forever. At RVF International, we specialize in providing tailored ESL teaching opportunities for passionate individuals in Washington. Our goal is to captivate and inspire Spanish learners and instructors alike, ensuring you receive the support you need throughout your time in this fantastic country. Enroll today to choose your ideal option from our selection of teaching packages, or schedule a complimentary video call to embark on the exciting journey of becoming an English teacher in Spain.

Teach in One of the Following Regions:




La Rioja


Baleares Islands

The Basque Country


The Canary Islands