Top Travel Destinations You Have to Visit in Spain While Teaching Abroad

With its sunny climate and thousands of years of history and colorful culture, Spain is a dream travel destination for many. If you are interested in teaching abroad and becoming a language assistant in Spain (if you don’t know what a language assistant is, known as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Spain, check our blog entry “What is a Language Assistant? Roles and Responsibilities”!), it is normal that you start wondering about the best places to visit in Spain while teaching abroad.


Safety in Spain when teaching English abroad

When you finally decide to do a teach abroad program in Spain or study abroad, it is very normal that you start wondering about the safety of the country. In this blogpost, we are going to talk about people who want to teach English overseas. There are many of you who are considering ESL because you recently obtained a TEFL certificate or maybe you just finished your bachelor’s degree and would like to teach English overseas. However, you are still on the fence about whether Spain is a good country to teach English abroad.