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Welcome to Spain’s Premier Teach Abroad Program

We are RVF International, your go-to destination for connecting with Spain. Our mission is to bridge the gap between you and your dream destination, making it easy to travel, teach, and explore.

We specialize exclusively in Spain, leveraging our deep expertise and strong local connections to provide unparalleled support. We handle the hard work so you can enjoy your unique adventure in Spain.

We are now accepting applicants for the 2025/26 teaching year which begins September 2025!

We are an international exchange and education company and we want to bridge the gap between travelers, teachers, adventurers,  students, dreamers, explorers, and their destinations.

RVF stands for Reach, Venture, Find and is, we believe, the goal and the story of every adventurer, which is why those three words mean so much to us.

At RVF International, we strive to help connect people to places.

How to Teach English Abroad — Our Program Requirements

Must hold a passport from one of the following countries:

U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Must already hold at least an associate's or bachelor’s degree, or still be enrolled in college

Please note that those applying from Australia and New Zealand must hold, or obtain before the program begins, a Bachelor’s Degree in order to be eligible to teach English internationally. Applicants from the US and Canada, must already have an AA or BS/BA degree, or be enrolled as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior.

Must have an adventurous and independent spirit up for the experience of a lifetime

Teaching English abroad is an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you enjoy it! Come in with a free spirit and relish the benefits of being an English teacher overseas!

No prior teaching experience is required!


#1 Teaching English Abroad Program in Spain

We are a sincere company dedicated and passionate about international travel and exchange. We started in late 2017 with a clear vision: make the international exchange and travel easier by creating the best teach-abroad and study-abroad programs possible. We wanted to bridge the gap between adventurers and their destinations abroad.

Right now, we offer the #1 Teach English Abroad Program in Spain and aim to offer similar programs in countries worldwide. Our program is different because our team is different. We get people. We know what they want and customize the program experience around what they need. Everyone on our team holds at least two passports or has residency in more than two countries around the world. It’s what we love!

Harrison Fowler

Founder and CEO
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Alejandra Rodríguez

Director of Operations
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Petter Molin Wang

Teach Abroad Program Specialist
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Lourdes de la Torre Ramírez

Teach Abroad Program Specialist
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Sandra Hornbeck

Director of Research and Compliance
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The Benefits of Teaching Abroad — How You Can Help Yourself and an Entire Community

Our English teaching abroad programs are a chance to do something great. You can help an entire group of people learn a language and gain an appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles. Likewise, you can benefit immensely by teaching English abroad, learning more about yourself, and advancing your career in a unique and satisfying way.

Cultural Immersion

There are so many different cultures out there that we wish to experience. With international English teaching programs like RVF International, it’s never been easier to dive completely into a new culture and experience. You’ll travel with a purpose and enjoy cultural enrichment like none other. Forge lasting friendships that make life that much more enjoyable, and enjoy an international adventure that exposes you to a whole new world.

An Opportunity to Make a True Difference

Opportunities to positively impact lives often come few and far between. But teaching English abroad offers opportunities like no other. Language is the backbone of every community, and you’ll have a chance to set the foundation for a fantastic life and memories worthwhile for the individuals you speak with. Working with your children or adults, you’ll be a positive figure for growing children and work with others who provide new outlooks on life and ways to communicate with the people you love.

Advance as a Professional and Grow as an Individual — All at Once

For many people, advancing professionally and prioritizing individual growth is a push-pull system. But not with our teaching English abroad programs. We give you a routine that provides personalized development like none other. Test yourself by participating in cultures far and wild and gain personal skills that go further than you ever thought possible. Work with mentors, gain future job connections, and more, all while developing into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Test Yourself in a Real World Teaching Environment

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Teaching English overseas offers a specialized way to learn how you’d enjoy a career sharing knowledge and educating others. Best of all, teaching English in another country with RVF international opens doors without leaving you to fend for yourself. We’ll provide the backbone of support you need to change your life in a meaningful and impactful way. Program attendees can focus their efforts on growing and putting a stronger focus on the wonderful opportunity that lies ahead.

Teach English in Beautiful Communities Across Spain!

One of the best parts about teaching English in Spain with RVF International is gaining access to some amazing communities. These communities are vibrant and full of rich culture and history, offering you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a different way of life. As you explore these locations, you’ll discover charming streets, delicious food, and friendly locals. Each place has its own special features that make it a joy to live and work.


Madrid, the heart of Spain, is a city full of life. You’ll find stunning architecture, famous museums like the Prado, and beautiful parks such as Retiro. The city’s vibrant nightlife and excellent public transport make it easy to explore. Teaching here means being at the center of Spanish culture and history, offering endless opportunities to engage with the community.


Murcia offers a more laid-back lifestyle compared to the bigger cities. Known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches, it’s perfect for those who love outdoor activities. The historic town center with its baroque Cathedral and the annual Spring Festival are highlights. Living in Murcia allows you to experience the authentic charm of Spain while enjoying a slower pace of life.


Valencia is famous for its futuristic buildings and the City of Arts and Sciences. It boasts beautiful beaches and a lovely old town. The famous Las Fallas festival is a must-see. As an English teacher here, you’ll enjoy a perfect blend of modern and traditional Spanish culture, making it a captivating place to live and work.


Andalucia is known for its flamenco music, olive groves, and impressive Moorish architecture, such as the Alhambra in Granada. Cities like Seville and Cordoba offer rich cultural experiences and warm climates. Teaching here promises a deep dive into Spain’s diverse traditions and landscapes, from mountains to coastlines.

The Canary Islands

Teaching English in the Canary Islands means living in a paradise with year-round sunshine. These islands offer stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and a relaxed lifestyle. With vibrant local festivals and a strong sense of community, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage with both locals and fellow expats.

Castilla-La Mancha

Castilla-La Mancha, famous for its windmills and the classic novel “Don Quixote,” offers a picturesque and tranquil setting. Cities like Toledo and Cuenca have rich histories and stunning medieval architecture. Teaching here provides a unique glimpse into Spain’s storied past and a chance to enjoy the scenic countryside.

And More!

Spain is full of amazing places to teach English beyond the mentioned regions. Whether you’re drawn to the coastal beauty of Galicia, the vineyards of La Rioja, or the historical richness of Extremadura, each community offers unique experiences. Wherever you go, you’ll find welcoming people and opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish culture.

We'll Answer All Your Questions About Our Teach Abroad Programs

We’re happy to help answer all questions for program participants. Whether you’re wondering about preparation, competitiveness, or daily life as an English teacher abroad, RVF International won’t leave you in the dark!

How Can I Prepare for Your Teach Abroad Program?

Preparation involves understanding the educational system in Spain, gathering necessary documents like visas and certifications, and getting familiar with the culture. Try immersing yourself in the local language, and make sure you complete your TEFL course, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of your amazing job teaching English.

How Competitive Are English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

While there is demand for English teachers in Spain, competition can vary by region and time of year. Big cities like Madrid and Barcelona might be more competitive than smaller towns. However, with our program, we’re focused on bringing in people with the passion and love for teaching opportunities like we offer. Even if you don’t have the full resume, make sure you display your excitement for the program, and there will be a teaching job for you!

Is Being an English Teacher Abroad Right for Me?

Being an English teacher abroad suits those who are adventurous, patient, and passionate about education and cultural exchange. If you enjoy working with students, adapting to new environments, and learning from diverse experiences, then a job teaching English abroad could be highly rewarding for you.

What Can I Expect My Day to Look Like?

Each day may include several hours of lessons, after-school programs, and lesson planning for the upcoming days or weeks. After school, you’ll have free time to explore the area, meet new people, and engage in local activities. This balance offers a fulfilling professional and personal experience while living abroad.

RVF International Is the Gold Standard for Teaching Abroad Companies in Spain — Join Our Program Today!

If you’ve been looking for a chance to teach English abroad, RVF International is the big break you need! Our international English teaching programs are designed to ease your transition and help you focus on doing what you love. Provide immediate assistance to a community of individuals looking to soak up your knowledge and experience. Gain access to advanced support and programs customized to exactly what you’ll need. Simply follow our program requirements and reach out to RVF International and begin teaching English as a second language abroad!

For more information about our amazing program and our packages offered, schedule a free video call with our teaching overseas specialists. We’ll break down the process in depth and help you get on the road to becoming an English teacher overseas. Reach, venture, and find the experiences that will shape a community with RVF International.

Want to Start Teaching English Overseas? Get Your TEFL Certification

A world of opportunity is right at your doorstep. A TEFL Certification

opens the door to a new world, allowing you to teach English overseas to students eager to learn. These fully accredited and personalized courses provide 120 hours of full-on coverage for all things you’ll need to successfully teach a language to individuals in various cultures across the globe. Complete the course at your own speed and gain access to a support system designed with you in mind.

Begin the enrollment process for our TEFL certification today! Gain the skills and knowledge you need to successfully teach English internationallyand learn about what you need to succeed in the classroom!

For more information about our amazing program and our packages offered, schedule a free video call with our teaching overseas specialists. We’ll break down the process in depth and help you get on the road to becoming an English teacher overseas. Reach, venture, and find the experiences that will shape a community with RVF International.


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What Our People Say

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